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Urban and Visual Narratives of Art, ilustration, NFTS and Photography for Sale.

The Red Puppet

  Visual artist with personal brand “The Red Puppet” who has an online presence on different platforms and social networks.  His style creates visual narratives with use of expressionist art in illustration, photography, digital art and NFT crypto art.  The Red Puppet has an advertising agency specializing in brand design, web and digital marketing, offering branding and marketing strategies for companies, organizations and personal brands.

    As a visual artist, he sells his physical and digital artwork online. He has participated in numerous workshops and courses with renowned artists, illustrators and authors of children’s and young people’s books. He have exhibited at various national and international art events and competitions and have received awards for their visual work, have also held workshops and created murals as part of various artistic collectives.

  He is a member of the evaluation committee for children’s and youth books of Fundalectura,  has been part of the team behind the “Colombian Illustrators”.

Disruptive, Avant-Garde, Emerging and Exclusive Art with Limited Edition


Awards and honours

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